History and Founding

After 13 years of working together, Inroads Realty was established in January 2016 by Mike Cagle, Taylor LeMaster, and Bill Archer. While other real estate companies are consolidating, we have chosen a more unconventional route by forming a company centered and aligned around our values and vision.

We are a team and family-oriented company at our core. We know the only success that truly matters is the success we share together.

Our Beliefs

Hard Work First

“A project is only as successful as the work put in.”
Behind every property, development or acquisition there are hours upon hours of grit and hard work — the kind of hard work that leads to an overwhelming sense of pride and satisfaction which results in success for our clients and partners.


“We are known industry-wide.”
Our success is fueled by our drive, and we are proud of the longstanding relationships we have forged through hard work, professionalism, and results.

Market Knowledge

“North Texas is our home.”
North Texas is more than just a home; it’s where we live, it’s where many of us have raised families, and it’s where we invest in partnerships with our clients that continue to deepen and grow.


“Our word and promise is our bond.”
What we say is what we do. With transparency and honesty guiding every move we make, we pledge to serve our clients interests at every turn, ensuring everything has been done to maximize profits, enhance value, and build for future success.