Inroads Realty’s Thad Beckner Launches PropTech Company


Leasing commercial real estate space is becoming faster, easier, and more efficient. Inroads Realty’s Thad Beckner has founded a PropTech company that is changing the way brokers are able to interact with prospective tenants, owners, and the entire CRE community.

“I’ve always been frustrated with the archaic way in which we do business, especially when it comes to handling leads, property performance reporting, and data collection,” Thad said. “And those that rely on people in our industry to do business have been frustrated as well.”

With Q.T.I.C. LLC (short for Quick Tenant Information Collection), Thad has created 3 major components:

  1. Lead generation/qualification tool that automatically collects information (by way of a very quick text survey) on prospective tenants from the first point/place of contact and sends the survey results to the listing broker via email.  There is a “give and take” aspect in which the app shares predetermined property information with the prospect on the spot.  This is to help solve certain pain points associated with our industry’s slow response time and lack of transparency.
  2. The app automatically gathers and organizes responses for each individual property so that brokers can quickly and easily share important property performance reports with ownership.
  3. The data collection aspect has far reaching potential. In the long term, the information will be incredibly useful to compare and predict demographic, economic, and social trends that impact various real estate markets and communities around the world.

According to Thad, “While the Commercial Real Estate industry has historically been hesitant to allow technology to change the way we handle day to day operations, times are changing.  If brokers in our business want to better serve their clients, simplify the process, and improve the bottom line, then implementing simple technology is the way to go.”

For more information on QTIC, contact Thad directly at



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